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BHI SmartHome is a company founded from the experiences of Allen and Carol Auchenpaugh. Allen has spent his professional career working for some of the largest entertainment and consumer electronics brands in the world, such as Apple and Beats. Carol spent her career in corporate retail and developed a keen sense of home design and efficiency.

Allen and Carol’s SmartHome Story

In 2014, we purchased a Bald Head Island home in Keepers Landing and named it Key to Searenity. We, like many BHI homeowners, love the island for the peace it brings us. We rented our home for the first two years and quickly became aware of how a connected home could serve both the homeowners and the renters. At the time, we were living in California and could see where being away from our home could be stressful when renting to short-term tenants.

Even after making our BHI home our permanent residency in 2016 and taking it off of the rental market, the benefits of the connected home made our travel less stressful.

Now, our mobile, tablet or computer is our lens into our home and also serves as a nimble control panel. With a quick and secure login, we are able to control the lights, temperature, floor cleaning, garage door, hot water and other appliances to best suit our needs.

We encourage you to explore the benefits of a SmartHome by either sending us a quick email, completing the Contact Us page or just chatting with us on Bald Head Island.

Our Packages

  • Lighting

    Lighting packages are customized to fit any size home. With remote control access when you are home or away, this introductory package allows you to control lights at the switch or bulb level.Read More
  • Environmental Control

    Environmental control packages put your home’s heating and cooling in the palm of your hand by monitoring and controlling temperature settings and interior humidity. These products pay for themselves quickly!Read More
  • Video Doorbell & Security

    Video doorbell or security packages provide you real-time visibility to the exterior and/or interior of your home. Packages can range from on-demand images, stored video and two-way remote communication.Read More
  • Water Leak Detection & Alerts

    Water Leak Detection & Alerts packages offer solutions for monitoring common leak areas in the home and provide for remote main water valve shut off.Read More
  • Smoke Detection

    Smoke detection packages allow for home and away notifications of smoke or carbon monoxide within the home.Read More
  • Exterior Door

    Exterior door packages provide you the option to remotely unlock or open standard and garage doors.Read More
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